After hosting the start of the fourth stage last year, Hovden is now hosting the finish on the first stage of the Tour of Norway 2023.

Hovden is a part of Bykle municipality in Setesdal. The city is located in amazing nature on the mountains and is a very popular outdoor area.

The area offers great nature experiences, whether it is summer or winter. In the summer there are great opportunities to go fishing, cycling, or hiking. In the winter, the area is known for cross-country and alpine skiing.

Hovden Alpinsenter is the largest skiing destination in the Southern Norway. The alpine center reaches 1,183 meters above sea level and has 42.5 km. slopes. The center has both children's trails and black trails, which makes it suitable for both children and adults. In 2017, the terrain park at the Alpinsenteret was awarded as the best ski-resort by the Norwegian national team in freeskiing.

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