Tour des Fjords was founded in November 2012. It is owned by Stavanger Cycling Club (SSK) and Nordsjørittet AS.

The Fjords Cycling AS board consist of:

Board leader: Leif Terje Hegreberg, SSK

Board member: Amund Dyrnes, Nordsjørittet

Board member: Anita Lunder, SSK

Board member: Gaute Kindervåg, Nordsjørittet

Board member: Per Armand Thorbjørnsen

Board member: Camilla Parker Rege

Fjords Cycling AS has a small and professional organisation, who works with the event throughout the year. See contacts here

There are thousands of people involved to set up a safe and professional event for the riders. 

Drivers, road teams, safety teams etc. consist of about 200 volunteers, who is participating every day at Tour of Norway. Furthermore, we hire professional resources, who are responsible for the TV-production, big-screen production, police etc. 

During the event, there is also about 1700 guards, who stand at the crossroads and make sure that the roads are ready, when the riders passes.