Practical media information Tour of Norway 2019

If you still not have applied for accreditation, deadline was 16 May, please contact me asap and we will try to sort it out.

Chief of Media: Morten Olsen. Phone: +47 95 87 55 66. Mail:

Some practical information:

First of all; thank you for attending this year race!

The most important information to give is to keep yourself updated through our website:

And the Technical Guide you will find at:

The start-list and results you will find here:

This is your most valuable info booklet through the week.

Just to know: There is no organized transport to/from the cities of start and finish.

Accreditation: NEP and TV2 can pick up their accreditation as a group in the Race Office on Monday. Others who are present in Stavanger can do the same as individuals. I will arrive in Stavanger on Monday approx. 18:00.
The other way is to pick up accreditation before start in each start city or in the finish area in those cities. I will be both places approx. 90 min before either start or first passing of riders. Contact me by phone.

Car stickers: All media cars must carry the official car sticker when driving part of the route or parking at the official media parking. These will be handed out personally by Chief of Media to those who have requested it and got it confirmed.
No cars are anyway allowed to have closer access than 20 minutes ahead of first rider and you are NOT allowed to overtake riders at any time.
Car stickers MUST be picked up before start since they are used during the stage and for parking. Registration number of the car to be given.

Photo bibs: Photo bibs for infield photo at finish will be distributed in the finish area approx. 90 minutes before finish. The number of photographs infield will be decided by me (if necessary, together with Organizing Committee) based on the number of attending photographs for the actual stage and the actual space in the area. The priority will be based on the fact that agencies will have priority, then regional and local papers and so on. There will be made outside photo areas at finish if we have to regulate the number of infield photographs. Or there could be different sections in the road +15 meter behind from first position.

Photo bibs are not requested outside fences.

Be aware: You are yourself responsible to check time for when you will have to be in the finish area based on the fact that most of the stages has circuits during the last part of the race and this will influence on the possibility to drive and park in the finish areas.

Press Centers: There will be Press Centers in each of the finish cities, with working places for media, free WIFI and light food/drinks will be served. Location to be found in the Technical Guide.

Mixed zone: Riders going on stage for ceremony will be available for media in a mixed area behind the stage. Others by their busses and not organized by the organizers.

For photographs there will be a priority area in front of the stage for the ceremonies.

If you have any questions just call me or send me an e-mail.