During the Tour des Fjords, we need the help from 2,000 volunteers, for both small and large tasks.

Tour des Fjords is done for the love of the sport. Volunteer work is crucial to successfully carry out the event. During the Tour des Fjords, we need the help from around 2,000 volunteers, for both small and large tasks.

We are looking for people who want to help us make Tour des Fjords a fantastic celebration of cycling. Whether you've been part of the team previously, have experience from other similar events or are completely new to the whole thing, we'd love to hear from you.

There are several great reasons to volunteer for Tour des Fjords. These include:

  • You'll be creating a wonderful bike event on the West Coast.
  • You get to network and meet many talented people.
  • You get to meet some of the world's biggest cycling stars, up close.
  • You get a certificate of your participation in Tour des Fjords, 2018.

Tasks that we need help with include:

  • Driving - transporting race judges, guests, press, etc. Everyone who wants to volunteer for these roles must have a driver's license class B.
  • The Children's Race - this is arranged at all start / finish locations. Volunteering for the organisation of this means the entire implementation - from rigging up and distribution of start numbers, to announcements and the awarding of prizes.
  • Catering - arranging food and drinks for all the volunteers.
  • Security Coordinator - assist the duty officer in the logistics around the race marshals so that the track is safe for the public, road users and all those taking part in Tour des Fjords.
  • Track work - preparation of the track to race standard. This involves marking the route, sprints etc. and cleaning up afterwards as part of the team.
  • Guards - ensure that no-one trespasses on the track at a given location during the race.
  • Arena start and finish - helping to rig the arena at the start/finish locations.
  • Profiling - rigging up and taking down of event profile material.

For such a big event, there are many tasks to be completed. Some of our volunteers are with us for one day, while others want to be with us throughout the whole event.

All volunteers are insured by Tryg. Volunteers who helps throughout the whole event will receive this year's official volunteer uniform, as well as coverage of their travel expenses under the event, plus room and board.

Register today!

Tour des Fjords takes place this year from 22nd to the 24th of May. It runs through the counties of Aust-Agder, Vest-Agder and Rogaland. Every person who participates and contributes during Tour des Fjords are unique and important to the overall success of the event. In addition to all the hard work, it is also extremely fun and a experience of a lifetime! 

In addition to Tour des Fjords we are hosting a new event called Hammer Stavanger. It's from the 25th-27th of May in Sandnes and Stavanger. If you would like to help out on this event as well, send us an email.

Do you want to volunteer?

Send an email to frivillig@tourdesfjords.no

Include this in your email: Who you are, where you are from, what you would like to do, which event you can work at.

We look forward to hear from you :)