Programme 2019

Programme 2019

Here is a detailed schedule for each stage at this years event!

Race programme for Tour of Norway 2019

Tuesday 28th May - stage 1: 

Start, Hinna Park(Stavanger) 13:50 h. Passing finish line in Egersund approximately 17:00 h. Finish approximately 18:00. See route here here.

Wednesday 29th May - stage 2:

Start, Liknes(Kvinesdal) 13:56 h. Local circuit in Mandal from approximately 17:00 h. Finish approximately 18:00 h. See route here.

Thursday 30th May - stage 3:

Start, Lyngdal 13:30 h. Local circuit in Kristiansand from approximately 17:00 h. Finish approximately 18:00 h. See route here.

Friday 31st May - stage 4:

Start, Arendal (Pollen) 12:15 h.  Passing finish line in Sandefjord approximately 17:20 h. Finish approximately 18:00 h. See route here.

Saturday 1st June - stage 5:

Start, Skien(Handelstorget)13:56 h.  Finish in Drammen approximately 18:00 h. See route here.

Sunday 2nd June - stage 6:

Start, Gran centre 11:10 h.  Passing the start town againapproximately 12:15 h.  Passing finish line in Hønefoss approximately 14:40 h. Finish approximately 15:30 h. See route here.

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