Stage 1

Tuesday May 28th, 2019

  • Stavanger


  • Egersund


  • 13:50

    Start time

  • 168,2




The Stavanger region is Norway’s third largest city region and 360 000 people live, work and study in this area. The city of Stavanger has 134 000 inhabitants. The city itself is rich in history, founded in 1125 with the building of the Stavanger Cathedral, however most probably Stavanger dates even further back. A city with industries related to the sea and its resources. [...]



Ever since the Stone Age there have been people living in Egersund, and for good reasons we still live here. The picturesque town in the southwest emerges today as a cosy and modern, little town. Small wooden houses still form the characteristic town centre, and in the alleyways and the pedestrian precinct there are shops and cafés with great service and a pleasant atmosphere. [...]


Start, Hinna Park (Stavanger) 13:50 h. Passing finish line in Egersund approximately 17:00 h. Finish approximately 18:00 h. 

The first stage kicks off at Hinna Park, headed towards Sola. Continuining from Sola towards Jæren, along the beaches and coast of Jæren and on familiar roads for many local cycling races. We will be passing beautiful scenery, among them Gloppedalsura which is the largest rockery of Northern-Europe. The stage has a total altitude of 2538, but it will not be too challenging for the pelotons sprinters. The race will pass the finish area at Slettebø outside of Egersund once, before they will are headed for the 32,7 km finishing lap. The finish is in favor or the fastest sprinters in the peloton. The finishline is moved outside of the city centre this time, but the atmosphere will remain the same.

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