Stage 5

Saturday June 1st, 2019

  • Skien


  • Drammen


  • 14:00

    Start time

  • 159.7




Welcome to Skien, known for being the birthplace of Henrik Ibsen, for the starting point of the Telemark Canal and as a city who has fostered several giants of Norwegian jazz. The Region Capitol in Vestfold and Telemark with 55,000 inhabitants is known as the starting point for the Telemark Canal. [...]



Drammen is located at the estuary of the Drammen river system, the third largest river system in Norway. The origin of the name itself is not exactly clear, but most likely it means «muddy waters». Drammen has a long history, and the town is mentioned in texts from the Viking Age. In the 1200s, a small community emerged along the river banks. [...]


Start, Skien (Handelstorget) 14:00 h.  Finish in Drammen approximately 18:00 h.

After a break, Tour of Norway is back in the county of Telemark. Skien has been hosting both start and finish during the old edition of Tour of Norway. This time, we are back with the 5th stage of the new edition of Tour of Norway. This stage takes us to the countryside, passing the canal of Telemark at Ulefoss and Lunde. Passing Bø and the peloton will be moving towards Notodden via Reshjemheia. Feeding zone in Notodden before the peloton will be facing a 11,7 km climb to the top of Meheia. The finishline is still far away at this point, but we are expecting the riders to gather towards the end and sprint for the finish in Drammen.

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