Stage 4

Friday May 31st, 2019

  • Arendal


  • Sandefjord


  • 12:15

    Start time

  • 224.4




The town is mentioned as a place of commerce at the estuary of the river Nidelv for the first time in the 15th century, in 1610 it became a staple port and from 1723 it got its town status. Extensive international trade.Lumber, iron ore. Biggest sailing ship fleet in the country in the 1800s. Built on seven small islands with canals between them, hence the epithet “Venice of the North”. Three big town fires in the mid 1800s. The houses on Tyholmen were spared. [...]



Sandefjord offers shopping with speciality shops and shopping center. All within short walking distance. Enjoy a memorable meal at a restaurant or drop by one the bakeries and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of this town. Sandefjord is also known for its connection to Sweden with the Color Line or the Fjordline ferry. [...]


Start, Arendal (Pollen) 12:15 h.  Passing finish line in Sandefjord approximately 17:20 h. Finish approximately 18:00 h.

The longest stage of the race will be starting in beautiful Pollen of Arendal. The neutral zone will be ongoing until Eydehavn, before the peloton will be racing north towards Tvedestrand, Søndeled, Brokelandsheia and Østerholtheia before we are leaving the county of Agder. Headed further into to countryside entering the county of Telemark, before the race is headed back out to the coast by Porsgrunn. Following E18 to the "cork-screw" by Langangen before Brunlanes in the county of Vestfold and then Larvik. There is a sprint in Larvik at the promenade before headed towards the finish in Sandefjord. The peloton will be fighting for one lap, the same as the one for the national championships last year, before finishing at Jernbanealleen.

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