Stage 3

Thursday May 30th, 2019

  • Lyngdal


  • Kristiansand


  • 13:30

    Start time

  • 179.7




The family-friendly town of Lyngdal nestles between the sea and the moors just west of Lindesnes, the southernmost point in Norway. With 90 kilometres of coastline, three long fjords and wide open spaces for hillwalking, Lyngdal district is popular with tourists in search of the great outdoors. [...]



Kristiansand is considered the capital of Southern Norway and the heart of the region. It is the fifth largest city in Norway, with 92,000 inhabitants. While it can offer the variety of any big city, Kristiansand has also successfully preserved many of the special qualities of smaller towns. The city has been a driving force in promoting positive city and town development, and was awarded Statens pris for attraktiv by (the Government’s Attractive City Award) in 2018. [...]


Start, Lyngdal 13:30 h. Local circuit in Kristiansand from approximately 17:00 h. Finish approximately 18:00 h.

The third stage will also be racing in the county of Agder, and Lyngdal is planning on creating a great atmosphere also for this stage. This stage will be taking us further in to the county and the peloton will be facing a 2,5 km climb already after 14 km by Kvås, before continuing on to Konsmo, Byremo and Evje. We will be finding the sprint of the stage and the feeding zone in Evje, before the race is headed south towards Iveland and Vennesla, before Kristiansand. The lap in Kristiansand is similar to the one last year, but will be less technical as the part at Odderøya has been removed. Kristiansand will be mobilising and create a great atmosphere as we saw last year, as this is a national holiday. The lap will be foreseen three times, and we are expecting the sprinters to be fighting for the win on this stage.

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