Tour of Norway: From west to east


Tour of Norway: From west to east

The routes of Tour of Norway 2019 is finally here. The incredible strong and exciting peloton has been revealed, and we are happy to present to you, the six stages of this years race.

The new edition of Tour of Norway is collaboration of Tour des Fjords and Tour of Norway, and is as a pro-race category 2.HC on the international calendar. The race will start in the county of Rogaland, and from there on continue to the countys of Agder, Telemark, Vestfold, Buskerud and Oppland. The race will be covering a much larger geographical area than before. Hence Tour des Fjords and Tour of Norway has been racing at respectively the Western part and Eastern part of Norway, we are happy to connect the parts and race from West to East. Tour des Fjords had great success in the countys of Agder in 2018. We believe that the combination of the Western, Southern and Eastern part of Norway is a great solution for 2019, says Event Manager of Tour des Fjords AS, Roy Hegreberg. 

Here is the route:

Stage 1, May 28th: Stavanger (Hinna Park) – Egersund (168,5 km)

The first stage kicks off at Hinna Park, headed towards Sola. Continuining from Sola towards Jæren, along the beaches and coast of Jæren and on familiar roads for many local cycling races. We will be passing beautiful scenery, among them Gloppedalsura which is the largest rockery of Northern-Europe. The stage has a total altitude of 2538, but it will not be too challenging for the pelotons sprinters. The race will pass the finish area at Slettebø outside of Egersund once, before they will are headed for the 32,7 km finishing lap. The finish is in favor or the fastest sprinters in the peloton. The finishline is moved outside of the city centre this time, but the atmosphere will remain the same. 

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Stage 2, May 29th: Kvinesdal (Liknes) – Mandal (174 km)

The second stage will be starting in Liknes, Kvinesdal. There will be a challenging 7,5 km hill of 2,8% right at the start. The race will then head towards Farsund, known for the great atmosphere from 2018. Headed towards Lista lighthouse before the peloton will be headed towards Lyngdal where we will find the finish of the 3rd stage. The community will therefore be giving the peloton a taste of the atmosphere for the following stage. Headed towards Mandal, we will be facing narrow roads and hills, in a total altitude of 2388, which should not be too hard for the peloton to manage. A final lap of 9,6 km times three is waiting in Mandal, before finishing at the oceanside at the harbour.

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Stage 3, May 30th: Lyngdal – Kristiansand (180 km)

The third stage will also be racing in the county of Agder, and Lyngdal is planning on creating a great atmosphere also for this stage. This stage will be taking us further in to the county and the peloton will be facing a 2,5 km climb already after 14 km by Kvås, before continuing on to Konsmo, Byremo and Evje. We will be finding the sprint of the stage and the feeding zone in Evje, before the race is headed south towards Iveland and Vennesla, before Kristiansand. The lap in Kristiansand is similar to the one last year, but will be less technical as the part at Odderøya has been removed. Kristiansand will be mobilising and create a great atmosphere as we saw last year, as this is a national holiday. The lap will be foreseen three times, and we are expecting the sprinters to be fighting for the win on this stage.

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Stage 4, May 31st: Arendal – Sandefjord (224 km)

The longest stage of the race will be starting in beautiful Pollen of Arendal. The neutral zone will be ongoing until Eydehavn, before the peloton will be racing north towards Tvedestrand, Søndeled, Brokelandsheia and Østerholtheia before we are leaving the county of Agder. Headed further into to countryside entering the county of Telemark, before the race is headed back out to the coast by Porsgrunn. Following E18 to the "cork-screw" by Langangen before Brunlanes in the county of Vestfold and then Larvik. There is a sprint in Larvik at the promenade before headed towards the finish in Sandefjord. The peloton will be fighting for one lap, the same as the one for the national championships last year, before finishing at Jernbanealleen. 

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Stage 5, June 1st: Skien – Drammen (159 km)

After a break, Tour of Norway is back in the county of Telemark. Skien has been hosting both start and finish during the old edition of Tour of Norway. This time, we are back with the 5th stage of the new edition of Tour of Norway. This stage takes us to the countryside, passing the canal of Telemark at Ulefoss and Lunde. Passing Bø and the peloton will be moving towards Notodden via Reshjemheia. Feeding zone in Notodden before the peloton will be facing a 11,7 km climb to the top of Meheia. The finishline is still far away at this point, but we are expecting the riders to gather towards the end and sprint for the finish in Drammen. 

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Stage 6, June 2nd: Gran (Hadeland) – Hønefoss (175 km)

The last stage will be starting at Hadeland and we will be visiting the county of Oppland. The stage is crossing Hadeland and will be on some of the same roads as Hadeland Grand Prix a few years ago. Gran and Brandbu will be passed twice by the peloton, before they are headed towards the first hillsprint at Bleiken Station. Continuining towards Granavollen and Ringerike, which someone will remember from Ringerike Grand Prix. The peloton will race on lap around Steinsfjorden via Sundsvollen and Vik before they are headed to Røyse. Hønefoss is the finish for the last stage, and the finish line is far out on the bridge this time. This will be a spectacular sight, and the peloton will be racing one lap before heading towards Knestang and the challenging Harehaugveien to Smeden. 11 km remains from the top of the hill and we are not expecting to see the peloton gathering for the remaining kilometres. 

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Overall routes:

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